Employment Opportunities - As vacancies occur, they will be posted on this site. Postings will provide information regarding qualifications, closing dates, start dates of positions, duties and status of the positions (i.e., full-time, contract, relief).

Student Work Placement - Student placements are growth opportunities for both the Agency and the students. The disciplines which are routinely offered placements include Child and Youth Worker, Art Therapy, Social Work, Recreational Leadership and related college programs. If you are interested in a work placement, but your program is not noted above, please contact us and ask for information on how you can fulfill your placement obligations with Craigwood.

Volunteer Work - Volunteers from the community provide a valuable contribution to Craigwood, the youth and the families served by our organization. Volunteers, working with professionals, enable Craigwood to extend and enhance our existing services.

A Must See

The LEDC and HRPAO developed a new website called goodmovelondon.com with helpful local information for housing, transportation, working and living in London.

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