Residential services provide inyensive mental health treatment supports for youth between the ages of 12 and 18 who experience severe emotional, social and/or behavioral difficulties at home and/or in the community, and their families. Referrals are received from parents, school officials, courts, and other service providers. Family members are involved in the treatment process. Youth over 18 with complex special needs will be considered.

We offer services in the following areas:

Located in Ailsa Craig, Ontario...

Midway and Bridgeway Programs: , these two 9-bed, voluntary, residential treatment programs serve male adolescents between the ages of 12 to 18. The aims of the programs are: to help youth and families work on and work out the issues that will lead to family re-unification, prepare youth to move on to more independent living. The focus is on collaboration with Youth and Family, building of skills, nurturing strengths and working towards common goals.

Riverview Program: A unique, collaborative program funded through agreements with local Children's Aid Societies and multi-complex special needs funding organizations. This five-bed program serves complex need female youth between 12 – 18 years of age. The goals of the program are to increase social competencies, offer stability, end the multiple placements/moves experienced by the youth, facilitate growth towards health and self-responsibility, and ultimately enable the youth to experience success while integrating back into the Home (possibly). Once admitted, a youth may stay until 18 years of age if deemed appropriate.

This program is a unique, collaborative program funded by agreements with local Children’s Aid Society or through multi-complex needs funding sources. The goals of the program are to increase competency, offer stability, end the multiple placements/ moves experienced by the youth, facilitate growth toward health and self-responsibility, and ultimately enable the youth to experience success while integrating, where possible, back into the community.

Located in London, Ontario...

St. George St. Community Group Treatment Home: The St. George St. Program is a community based treatment home serving eight adolescent males and their families. The program’s aim is to assist the youth in returning to a mainstream living environment and re-unify the youth with their family, where possible. The multidisciplinary team including Child and Youth Workers and Clinicians uses a strength based approach that engages the family and each youth individually and as a group. Engagement with the youth starts at first contact though listening to the youth story, clarifying and answering any questions the youth or family has about the program, and determining goals of the youth and family.  

Youth would be expected to have an approved day program such as school or work and the ability to function with moderate structure. The program supervisor will arrange pre admission meetings once it has been decided that the youth will be coming to the program.  This will allow the family and/or youth to ask questions, tour the unit and meet some of the staff and other residents.

Communication from the youth’s primary worker to the family will occur a minimum of once a week but can happen as often as the family would like. We also encourage each youth to contact and visit home regularly. Parents are encouraged to attend our parent/family drop in nights once a month as well as our family dinners or barbeques. .

Additional Information:

In conjunction with the overall therapeutic milieu, all programs offer opportunities for individual, family and group counselling, educational classes and recreational activities. Aftercare is available and is negotiated with the youth and family. This may include formal, individual and/or family counselling. The framework for all the programs is solution focused with a competency, strength-based approach. Treatment methodology is dependent on the individualized plan and may include social skills, behaviour management, group sessions, education, life skills, cognitive restructuring and individualized counselling.



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