Secure Custody

Our Woodview program provides secure custody and detention for 10 female youth between the ages of 12 and 18 years, who await disposition or have been found guilty of offences under the Youth Criminal Justice Act .

This highly specialized program, for females involved with the youth justice system, focuses on the protection of society, the positive reintegration of young persons to their communities and the reduction of recidivism through safe and sound 
rehabilitative programming. 

Our purpose is to protect society from additional victimization by the youth sentenced to our care and, at the same time, work with our youth to facilitate change. The program is staffed with qualified child and youth workers who counsel and work with our youth to assist them in making these positive changes. In addition to a structured, therapeutic residential setting, services include:  assessment, individual therapy, group work, educational programs, job skills training and support for the parents. Nursing and Clinical supports also are available.

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