Student Work Placement

Craigwood Youth Services strives to play an integral role in the learning and teaching of  individuals involved in Children's Mental Health and Young Offender services. Student placements are growth opportunities for both the Agency and the students. The disciplines which are routinely offered placements include Child and Youth Worker, Social Service Worker, Art Therapy and Social Work. If you are interested in a work placement, but your program is not noted, please contact us and ask for information on how you can fulfill your placement obligations with Craigwood.

The student will carry out their placement responsibilities under the direct supervision of an experienced member of Craigwood's professional staff. The selected supervisor of the student will be approved by the Program Supervisor.  Any direct involvement on the part of your students with clients of Craigwood will be monitored to ensure that the nature of the involvement is of benefit to the clients. The students will be expected to complete an Oath of Confidentiality to protect client information and to adhere to the professional ethics established by and for their profession.

While on student placement, you can expect to review the Student Placement Guide, Agency Mission StatementPrinciples and Core Values; internal policies and procedures and "Best Practices". You will gain an understanding of various treatment modalities, especially Cognitive Behavioural theory. You will review the. CFSA and the YCJA and Craigwood's relationship within both systems. A review of Craigwood's Personnel Manual will assist you in understanding the agency role as a learning organization including the personal development process, performance management and enhancement process/philosophy. As well, you will have the opportunity to participate in agency in-service training sessions.

Educational institutions wishing to utilize Craigwood Youth Services for field study purposes for their students must complete a formal letter of agreement prior to the student commencing placement. This agreement is to be reviewed annually.

Prior to commencing placement, students will be required to provide a Vulnerable Position Screening from their local Police Department, a letter of interest and a current résume.

Further information on student placements is available through our Human Resources Department.

Contact us at:

Attention: Field Placement Coordinator
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