Technology Services

Technology Services -- Provided by Community IT Solutions

Community IT Solutions is a division of Craigwood Community Ventures. We specialize in hands-on technology assistance, technology planning, hardware and software sales and support and more. From implementation to ongoing support, our experienced consultants help you develop an appropriate technology solution that supports your organization’s mission and fits your budget. 

To set up an appointment with one of our consultants, please contact:

Community IT Solutions
Phone: (519) 518-6626 
EMail: info [at] comits [dot] ca

Network Services 

On-Site PC and Network Services will provide you with a skilled consultant to plan and implement basic networking solutions This includes:

* Designing and setting up your computers, servers and printers in a network
* Setting up security and firewalls
* Setting up dedicated Internet connectivity or in-house electronic mail services
* Advice on purchasing equipment and software
* Documentation so that you can administer your own network

What are the benefits?

Information security: With a skilled consultant verifying backups and performing virus checks, your information will be safer.

Peace of Mind: You'll have a reliable consultant to make sure your technology is running smoothly.

Technology Planning

Technology planning is an assessment service that helps you improve or add to your existing technology.

* An inventory to assess your current hardware, software and staff skills
* Recommendations based on your inventory and your program goals
* Creation of a budget and timeline for implementing the plan
* Information about technology resources


For more information, please visit the Community IT Solutions web site:


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