Craigwood Youth Services has certified trainers on staff, delivering training for our staff as well as external groups and organizations. We would be pleased to provide additional information on these services. 

For further information,
please contact Training and Development:

 (519) 432-2623  

We provide training for groups and agencies in the following areas:

PMAB Training, Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviour  is a safe, non-harmful behaviour management system designed to aid staff members working and caring for youth who experience difficulty in controlling their behaviour. 

Red Cross First Aid, it pays. The federal and provincial regulations demand that a certain number of your employees are trained in first aid. Today, employers across the country are discovering that it pays to meet - or even exceed - these legislative requirements with Red Cross First Aid. Research shows that just by participating in a First Aid course, employees become more aware of potential dangers, and reduce their risk of personal injury by up to 40%.

Please note, we do not currently arrange training for individuals who are not part of a group or agency. 

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